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Turra debate animal protein and agricultural expansion during the GAF 18



Francisco Turra, Brazilian Animal Protein Association CEO, will be a speaker at the 4th edition of the Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF 18), scheduled to 23 and 24 July in Sao Paulo.

Considered one of the most important events of agribusiness, the GAF 18 will focus on “The Science of field service on the planet: the action is now” and seeks solutions to the challenges of global socio-economic development.

Turra will speak on the second day of the event, the “Protein consumption directing agricultural expansion” panel. On the occasion, the President of ABPA will address sectoral and social challenges such as food safety and quality, science and technology in food production, consumption trends, transparency in relations with international trade, growing global demand for food, among others.

“The GAF is a great opportunity for Brazilian agribusiness promote reflections on their role in the midst of this time of intensification of international protectionism. We have major challenges to overcome to continue to exercise our role for global food security , “he says.

The meeting brings together big names and agribusiness leaders. In the event agenda are also issues such as the eradication of hunger, water solutions, globalization of agriculture and the use of technology in production.

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