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Bolsonaro Released Text on Brazil “Ungovernable” Without Nontransparent Bartering (Horse-trading)

“Unknown author” text distributed by the President addresses pressures of all corporations, in all Powers



On Friday morning, President Jair Bolsonaro distributed in several groups of WhatsApp a text of “the unknown author” that deals with the difficulties that he would be facing to govern.

The text says that the President is under pressure from all corporations and Powers. The President still says that the country “is dysfunctional,” not because of Bolsonaro, but that “so far [the President] has done nothing in fact, approved nothing, tried and failed.”

President responded through the spokesman: “I have put all my efforts to govern Brazil. Unfortunately, the challenges are innumerable, and the change in the way of governing does not please those groups that in the past benefited from the I want to count on society to jointly reverse this situation and put the country back on the path of the promising future.

In Juiz de Fora (murder attempt, Sept. 06th, 2018), I had a feeling, and I warned my security guards: “If you are interested in anticipating the facts. ‘This is the last time that I will expose myself to the people. The System will kill me. With the text below each one of you can draw your own conclusions.’

The president’s interlocutors said they did not know how many people received the message but reported the president’s request for each to replicate the content. Bolsonaro, according to one of the interlocutors, has already begun receiving feedback, saying that he “is speaking the truth. However, other sources consider the collapsed reproduced as “very serious” and “worrying.”

One source even recalled that the President was allowing himself to be taken over by “conspiracy theories” that dominate speeches in his family and that by endorsing the text, he can do with what he called the tsunami last week, and he warned that he was coming.

Bolsonaro landed this Friday (17) from a trip to the city of Dallas, the United States, where he received a tribute. There, in interviews, he spoke of his indignation at the attacks on his children and said that if they want to hit him, they go up to him.