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Bolsonaro Says Conflict With Rodrigo Maia Is Like Summer Rain, It’s Water Under the Bridge



A day after exchanging rough declarations with the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), President Jair Bolsonaro compared the misunderstanding between them to a summer rain.

For me, it was a summer rain, the sun is beautiful and Brazil is above us, he said.

The statement was made by Bolsonaro after a ceremony commemorating the 211-year military justice. Maia was also invited and did not attend.

According to the press office of the STM (Superior Military Court), the mayor did not respond to the invitation, as he has done in the last three years.

Asked about the deputy’s absence at the event, Bolsonaro said he did not know.

In addition to the president of the Republic were the president of the STJ, minister Joao Otavio de Noronha, the Attorney General of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, and the president of the Senate, Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP).

Bolsonaro said he had an excellent dialogue with Alcolumbre.

I’m at the disposal of Rodrigo Maia, as I said, Brazil is above us. There is no problem and we will go forward, he said.

The president also commented on the meeting between Maia and the minister Sergio Moro (Justice), on the morning of Thursday (28).

He said he was with Maia, a very healthy conversation, very friendly, that’s fine. That’s our life, sometimes there are some mishaps, but we can not forget what we stand for, he said.

Asked about Maia‘s statements that Bolsonaro was playing the role of president, he said it was a water under the bridge.

It’s water under the bridge, a hug for Rodrigo Maia, Brazil is above all, we go ahead, it happens, it’s a summer rain, other problems will happen with all certainty, but you can be sure, in my head and his, Brazil above of everything, and God above everybody.