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Eletrobras’ decree causes new friction between Mining and Energy Minister and Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House, Deputy Rodrigo Maia and Moreira Franco, Mines and Energy Minister


The first week of Moreira Franco as Mines and Energy Minister was marked by friction with the president of the Speaker of the House, Deputy Rodrigo Maia, who is his son in law.

There was the expectation of the publication of a presidential decree including Eletrobras in the National Privatization Program – PNP. But some members of the governing coalition itself interpreted the initiative as a way to “run over” the work of the Congress that also deal with the privatization of Eletrobras.

The decree was one of Moreira Franco promise in his tenure as Minister of Mines and Energy, on the evening of Wednesday (11). But yesterday, Rodrigo Maia responded and complained personally to President Michel Temer. With this, the government backed down and did not publish the decree.

The Speaker said the move was unconstitutional and that the President himself had acknowledged that, in a conversation between them. According to Maia, there was the promise by Fearing that the decree would be published.

With the malaise already installed, the minister responsible for policy coordination between the executive and the legislature, Carlos Marun (Secretariat of Government), tried to cool off local tempers.

According to Maron, the decree will come out on another occasion (no date set) and will be prepared in “partnership and harmony” with the Congress.

“There was a confusion in the sense that this decree could be a way to both [Administration and Congress]. Therefore, we are reviewing the terms of the decree, to make it clear that the goal is to continue the studies for capitalization. We do not want it may seem a way to overcome the discussion in Congress, “he said.

According Deputy Aleluia, project rapporteur privatization bill Eletrobras in the House of Representatives, the “decree is unnecessary”

“The decree anticipates something that is being discussed in Congress. If necessary, all right, but it’s not necessary” he said. “The project is clearly saying that Eletrobras will be restructured. We are clearly saying that Eletrobras will be restructured, “said Deputy Aleluia after meeting with the Minister of Finance, Eduardo Guardia, over the course of the project. The deputy also had a meeting with Moreira Franco to discuss the topic.