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Senators Were Forwarding Impeachment Lawsuit Against Two Supreme Court Judges



Senators denounced on Tuesday the president of the Supreme Court, Dias Toffoli, and court marshal Alexandre de Moraes for a crime of responsibility for instituting an investigation and executing measures within this investigation without the participation of the Public Prosecution Service.

The request is made by Senator Alessandro Vieira and will be subscribed by other senators, such as Randolfe Rodrigues, Lasier Martins, Jorge Kajuru, and Reguffe, according to the Senate Agency.

The request will go to the Senate’s Steering Committee and it will be up to the president of the House, Davi Alcolumbre, to decide whether to file or to proceed.

If Alcolumbre is moving, a commission of 21 senators will be set up to prepare an opinion that will later go to the plenary of the House. To prevent a Supreme Minister, two-thirds of the Senate votes, equivalent to 54 senators, are needed.

Toffoli last month ordered the opening of an investigation to find out false news, threats, and crimes against the honor of ministers of the Supreme Court. He indicated Moraes to conduct the investigation, which is stealthy.

In the course of the investigation, Moraes has already ordered that the Federal Police conduct search and seizure operations and ordered the magazine Crusoé to air a report that pointed to Toffoli’s alleged connection with Odebrecht. The text of the matter does not indicate any illegalities on the part of Toffoli.