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Senate research says diesel subsidy surpasses planned



Calculation from the Senate, shows that the cost of the ‘trucker aids’ will be R $ 14.7 billion, and not the R $ 13.5 bi projected by the government

The federal subsidy to diesel fuel, the main measure of the agreement with the truck drivers, whose cost was estimated by the government at R $ 4 billion, will have an even greater impact of R $ 5.2 billion, according to the calculations of the Independent Tax Institution ) of the Federal Senate. IFI report that will be released today indicates a total cost of R $ 14.7 billion with the “truck driver’s purse”, an impact higher than the R $ 13.5 billion projected by the economic team.

IFI, which has the role of monitoring public accounts, will request information from the Federal Revenue Service to verify the divergence. Any loss of collection or increase of expenses with the subsidy of R $ 0.46 in the liter price of diesel will have to be compensated with other measures. If the impact is greater, the government will have to increase the compensation provided.