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Rapporteur Presents Favorable Opinion on the Admissibility of the Pension Reform in Committee


The rapporteur for the Pension Reform in the Chamber’s Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), Delegate Marcelo Freitas, started Thursday evening to read an opinion favoring the admissibility of the Amendment to the Constitution (PEC).

Our opinion is for the admissibility of the proposal, which is followed by a new and highly recommended recommendation that the Special Committee when discussing and discussing the merits, thoroughly examine the appropriateness, timeliness, and fairness of the parameters set, he said. Freitas in opinion.

The day before, Freitas had already stated, in social networks, to be in favor of the proposal of the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

The initial reading of the opinion came after the meeting of the CCJ had been suspended because of a riot.

Opposition questioned a decision by the president of the CCJ, Felipe Francischini, who denied a point of order on the possibility of a request for a hearing before the reading of the opinion.

President tried to pass the word to the Social Security reform rapporteur at the CCJ, Delegate Marcelo Freitas, but he did not start to speak. Members of the opposition, with the internal regiment of the Chamber of Deputies in hand, rose from their seats and went to the table, where the president is.

Governmental deputies also came to the table, and a discussion began. Parliamentarians who remained in their seats said in the microphone that one of the members of the government, the leader of the PSL, Delegate Waldir, would be armed, which is contrary to the rules.

Faced with the confusion, Francischini decided to suspend the CCJ meeting and invited the bench coordinators to a meeting.