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PSDB, at the edge of an abyss Pedro Luiz Rodrigues

PSDB is at the edge of an abyss. To avoid the disaster, there is one name capable to mediate: formesident Fernando Henrique Cardoso.


By Pedro Luiz Rodrigues

The party of social democracy in Brazil – the PSDB of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and the Real plan – will soon turn thirty.

But instead of maturity, the party often behaves as a teenager. It is now shadow of what it was in its youth, no longer offering its affiliates or sympathizers many reasons to  confidence or optimism.

Videos about ethical stumbles – starred by some of its exponents –  brought doubts and regret to many of the party´s constituents.

In addition, PSDB is short of leaders capable of making a needed ‘aggiornamento’ on the principles of Brazilian social democracy, unfurled by the generation of 1988.

Some days ago, economists linked to PSDB decided to leave the party. Among them, the former chairman of the Central Bank, Gustavo Franco.

For Franco, PSDB leaders no longer seem convinced that market economy is the main tool to Brazil’s late entrance into the 21st century.

Two important names ready to replace Aécio Neves in the presidency of the PSDB, in a national convention that will be held in 40 days: Senator Tasso Jeireissati and the governor of Goiás, Marconi Perillo.

It all suggests that the party will come out cracked from this clash.

To avoid the disaster, there seems to be only one name capable of acting as a mediator: the former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.