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Priority projects in the electricity sector started in Congress

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Next week, the first meetings of the committees that will analyze the projects will take place

Eletrobras Law Bill meets on March 6

The first meeting of the special panel that will analyze the Eletrobras privatization bill was scheduled for next Tuesday, March 6. The first meeting will be to oficialize the name of Deputy Jose Carlos Aleluia as rapporteur of the proposal, and a schedule of activities will be presented.

Throughout the month of March, the commission will promote public hearings with the presence of industry authorities to discuss the matter. The first to be called will be the president of the state, Wilson Ferreira Junior.

The parties of the base of the government obtained the minimum number of members for the installation of the commission on March 1fr: there were 21 appointments of full members, before a minimum quorum of 18. But still there are many vacancies open, since in the total are 35 holders and 35 substitutes. The delay was caused by the political movement around the elections.

The acronym, even of the ruling base, was not indicating the representatives of the permanent or temporary committees of the Chamber of Deputies, through which the projects begin the process, due to the exchange of parties for the electoral coalitions. The partisan for exchanges closes on April 7th. This move threatened the legislative calendar already squeezed this year, in which Congress only operates in the first half.

Committee of Provisional Measure 814 installs will be set March 7th

On Wednesday, March 7, the meeting was convened for the installation of the analysis group of Provisional Measure 814 – which includes Eletrobras in the PND (National Privatization Plan) and also deals with the debts of the state’s distributors with sector funds – , measures that are the first step for the sale of the group companies.

The MP is waiting for the installation of the mixed commission (with deputies and senators) since the opening of the Congress, on February 5. It has already received 158 parliamentary amendments, dealing with a wide range of subjects. These amendments may or may not be complied with by the rapporteur, which will still be defined.

New model of the electric sector

Already the new legal framework for the electricity sector should be attached to PL 1.917 / 2015, which deals with the portability of energy bills, next week. A special committee to deal with the theme was created yesterday by President Rodrigo Maia. Request by Mr Fabio Garcia (DEM-MT), who will be the rapporteur of the project, requesting the redistribution of the proposal in the committees (an appeal by the by-laws to set up a special group for analysis) was approved.

The draft bill with the text of the restructuring of the sector was sent by the MME (Ministry of Mines and Energy) to the Civil House on February 9, but has not yet reached the Legislature. As the deadline for the consideration of the economic topics in this year is tight, it was decided to annex the new model to a project already in process, with the objective of accelerating its approval.