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Parana Water Guidance Outlines State Water Tourism Routes



Material brings panorama of regions such as the Litoral, Angra Doce, Itaipu Lake, besides the beaches of the Iguaçu River and Copel’s plants. Prepared by the Nautical Group with support from the State Government, the guide was handed over to Gov. Cida Borghetti this Friday.

Paraná and the people who visit the State can now count on the new Guia Águas do Paraná, a map of every aquatic tourism route in the State. The material was delivered to Governor Cida Borghetti on Friday (28), at the Iguaçu Palace. Elaborated by the Náutica Group with support from the Secretariat of Sport and Tourism, the Secretariat of Social Communication, Copel and Sanepar, the guide provides an overview of the regions bathed by water, such as Litoral, Angra Doce, Itaipu Lake, and the beaches of the Iguaçu River and the COPEL plants, showing the potential of nautical tourism that Paraná has and can develop.

Cida highlighted the importance of the guide to foster this type of tourism and generate opportunities, employment, development, and income. “We have the main tool, that is, the raw material that is our waters, our natural beauties. From now on, it is necessary to adequately promote the visitation of these places. This will generate income for the region and will drive the economy of our state, “said the governor.

The guide can be found on newsstands and bookstores all over Brazil and soon will also have its online version. It is accompanied by an educational primer on the importance of water care developed by the cartoonist Ziraldo Alves, which will be distributed in schools located in the regions covered by the material.

According to the Secretary of Sports and Tourism, João Carlos Barbiero, this guide was a well-conducted work that will serve as a parameter to encourage the tourist exploration of the waters of Paraná. “Our goal is to promote this type of tourism, just as we are motivating other segments such as gastronomic, adventure, nature and religious tourism,” said the secretary.

The editor of the guide, Ernani Parciornik, pointed out that Paraná has the second smallest coast in Brazil, but that the material has been able to show that the State is practically an island, surrounded by waters. “We made this guide from the point of view of the water, which is unheard of in Paraná. It shows the places, how to go to them and what is beautiful, “he explained. “A panorama of water-washed places like Puerto Rico’s beach, islands, lakes, waterfalls. The government leaves a legacy showing that people can exploit these beauties positively, “he said.

A SPORT AND TYPICAL FOOD – According to Parciornik, it was two years of work for the preparation of the guide that also offers tips on water sports in these places, such as rafting, boat trips, sports fishing. There are also food tips typical of each region, places of visitation and other curiosities.

“We are showing our waters to the people of Paraná and Brazilians, a proof that Paraná is inside the nautical circuit, which today is a generator of wealth. We have already made guides from different regions of Brazil, but Paraná is the only one that bears the name of the state, not just a city, “Parciornik said.