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Gen. Heleno Admits Risk of Bill of Administrative Reform To Expire But Bets on the Common Sense of Congress



In the midst of a crisis of articulation between the government and the Congress, the Minister of the Institutional Security Office, General Augusto Heleno, admitted on Monday that there was a risk of the provisional administrative measure expiring, but said he believed the common sense of the parliamentarians.

“I think that a cloud of common sense shows that this is against everything that has been talked about,” he said. “It is a risk, of course, that I hope it is not a probable risk, but the risk exists, of course, said the minister.

Heleno defended that the reduction of the ministries envisaged in the Administration bill (Provisional Measure) – and that could fall if the measure were not approved by House of Representatives and Senate until the 3 of June – is a question of management.

The government faces resistance to voting the bill in Congress. The measure was approved in committee with the return of the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) to the Ministry of Economy, removing it from the Ministry of Justice, as the government had proposed. But even with the agreement made with the legislators by the Planalto, Provisional Measure of the PSL try to reverse the decision in plenary.

After a week without votes, the House should try to vote the text this week, and parliamentarians of the so-called center would have already agreed to the change of agenda so that the Provisional Measure skipped the voting order.

Asked if there was a lack of common sense for the center, Heleno said he would not accuse anyone, but that it is necessary to reflect on what these maneuvers will bring to the country.

“This is such a deal: there is an alternation of power, which some parties do not admit, but there is a change of power, so I am you tomorrow, so tomorrow when I need to defend it there, I will not have the moral to defend, because some time ago I did the opposite of what I’m preaching, “he said.