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Luxury Hotel Inaugurated on One of the Most Coveted Beaches in Brazil



After a 2.5 percent rise, the luxury market is expected to increase by 10 percent by 2020 with the help of more experienced sectors such as hotels, travel, and gastronomy. The experience has been gaining a fresh look from consumers, but it is specifically the young audience it entices. According to Manu Berger, a luxury market specialist and CEO of luxury therapy consulting and portal, young audiences are gaining access to this market more and more, and it is up to the brands to talk to this audience, creating innovative experiences, aligned with that that they expect.

It is betting on this trend that the Hotel Laghetto Stilo Itapema opened its doors in early December in Itapema.

According to the Network Marketing Manager, Robson Martins the great goal is to offer tourists an exclusive and high-level guest experience.

The project takes the signature of CNA Construtora, which the company’s Director, Cândido Norberto Antoniollo describes as the mark of excellence, the fine workmanship of superior standard and care in every detail.

Structure worthy of a masterpiece

Following the neoclassical line, CNA’s trademark, the development is located just over one block from the sea, has 132 apartments, two floors of leisure area, SPA, heated adult and children pools, fitness center, sauna, massage room , beauty salon, meeting rooms, event space and a restaurant that is open to the public, all designed to make guests’ stay as personalized and private as possible.

With exclusive details and furniture from the Sierra Móveis, the hotel blends the modernist style with a high standard of finish and noble materials. The result? An enterprise that balances glamor, exuberance, and luxury and is perfectly capable of conversing with the urban environment.

In one of the most coveted places in Brazil

It is no wonder that the first Laghetto of the State of Santa Catarina is located in Itapema. With its strong structure to receive tourists from around the world, the municipality is now one of the most visited in Brazil.