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Lula da Silva – just another corrupt politician convicted by the Justice



Any independent observer, with a minimum of common sense and who has knowledge of Lula da Silva’s political career, agrees that he has never been what his political marketing sold to the public, both in Brazil and abroad.

His biography, made up by his team of publicists, as aLula da Silva, worker leader who came to command of the country, fighting for the dignity of the workers, the humblest and the minorities, they believe, like Barack Obama, that “Lula, is the guy”.

But none of the previous statements has support in the facts. Lula da Silva was a union leader created, piece by piece, by the army’s intelligence service. Its creator was the military strategist Gen. Golberi do Couto e Silva. He was educated and trained in union leadership schools in the United States (heavily influenced by the CIA).

The groups that most he has defended and helped, during his two governments, were bankers and corrupt businessmen, like the Baptist brothers, Marcelo Odebretch, Eike Batista, among others.

All he did in relation to the poorest was to unify various policies implemented by previous governments, such as the Itamar Franco government programs, Zero Hunger and FHC initiatives with the school scholarship. However, the programs were heavily politicized and aimed at co-opting voters among the poorer classes.

The four governments commanded by the Workers Party, from 2003 to 2016, accumulated an unprecedented number of corruption scandals in the history of Brazil. There were more than 100 scandals that led to dozens of trials in the justice system, many still underway.

All the presidents of the Workers’ Party, without exception, since the first government, were the ones who are being tried for corruption, all the treasurer are also condemned or being investigated. All party leaders have processes underway, at different levels of justice.

In a country with more than 30 thousand judges and prosecutors, would it be possible for all of them to be part of a conspiracy to harm the friends of Lula da Silva? It is difficult to believe in that thesis that the PT is presenting to the world. But many media accepted that childish pitch and continue to believe in the honesty of Lula da Silva and in the theory of the coup against the “friends of the poor”.

The sinister trajectory of Lula da Silva is described in the site tomepartido. Researchers of Brazilian contemporary history show how Lula da Silva were trained by the American Institute of Development of Free Trade Unionism (IADESIL), an indoctrination school maintained since 1963 in Sao Paulo, by the American Federation AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations). Today, the link between this foundation and the CIA and its direct participation in military coup in Latin America is public and widely known.

Lula da Silva, like Bin Laden, was trained and financed by the United States, but he preferred to follow his own path, in corruption, as the leader of other corrupt people like Hugo Chaves, Evo Morales, Maduro and the Castro brothers of Cuba.

The fortune, which today is still in the hands of the bandits linked to Lula da Silva and the Workers Party, is still promoting its campaign of political intoxication. But all that great booty will end up in the hands of other bandits, as always happens when a leader is arrested. This will be the end of the Lula da Silva myth and there will be only the real story of the corrupt politician, who cheated and betrayed everyone and ended his days in jail.