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Lemann Foundation launches challenge to improve Brazil’s Infrastructure Ranking



An initiative by fellows of the Lemann Foundation was launched  to take Brazil in 20 years from the 73rd to the 20th position in the ranking of infrastructure quality of the World Economic Forum. Called “Infra2038”, the project will have a public opening with the Workshop “De-Risking PPPs: Paving the win-win game for Brazilian Infrastructure”, scheduled for December 5, in São Paulo.

According to Diogo Mac Cord, project coordinator, the event is the first major initiative of the 2038 project, a kind of Think-Tank of the industry, combining actors from the public and private sectors and researchers to try to catch up on infrastructure. The intention is that Brazil invests at least 5 per cent of  its GDP on infrastructure,  or almost three times more than the average it has invested in recent years.

“The country needs long-term planning. Infrastructure cannot change at every four-year electoral cycle, “said Mac Cord.

According to the coordinator, the event in São Paulo will have round tables with representatives of the public sector, private sector and independent analysts to try to identify bottlenecks in the sector and propose at least two real initiatives to increase investment in the sector as early as 2018.

The event will bring together Brazilian and foreign experts from entities that support the initiative, such as the World Economic Forum, Harvard University, Columbia University, Insper, Abdib (Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industry), among others.

More information can be obtained in  https://www.infra2038.org/