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Joice Hasselmann in Twitter Showing Peace Between Moro and Maia



Congresswoman and Congressional leader Joice Hasselmann used her Twitter to announce to her followers the pacification that took place this morning, Thursday, between Justice Minister Sergio Moro and the president of the House of Representatives, Deputy Rodrigo Maia.

“Anticrime package of the government Jair Bolsonaro will walk the wide steps of the Chamber of Deputies, will have shortened time in the Working Group and at the same time will be discussed in the Federal Senate,” tweeted Joice, who reported that “the decisions were a breakfast of peace today with our Sergio Moro and Rodrigo Maia.” The publication was accompanied by two photos of the trio.

According Joice, “the commitment of speed of the Anti-Crime Package was sealed today” between the minister and deputy, which means that the time of the project in the discussions of the working group appointed by Maia, with opposition members, “will fall in half” according to Joice. In addition, according to the deputy, “the text will process quickly in the House while the discussion also occurs in the Senate.” Joice closed the publications about the agreement between Maia and Moro saying that there is now a “climate of peace that makes all the difference for our country”.