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House Approves Bill of the Compulsory Budget

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The House of Representatives approved Wednesday the proposed amendment to the constitution that expands the tax budget by making it mandatory to enforce parliamentary bench amendments.

Excerpts from the bill already approved by the Senate and approved now by the House will follow for presidential promulgation.

Other points, added to the proposal during this second procedure in the Chamber, will constitute a new SGP, to be analyzed now by the Senate.

The House approved Wednesday’s vote, for example, an amendment that removes from the President of the Republic the exclusivity of an initiative to edit a bill to define the rules for allocating funds from onerous assignment with states and municipalities.

In the special committee of the Chamber, the PEC had already received amendments. The PEC rapporteur, Mr. Carlos Henrique Gaguim, added devices to clarify the scope of the measure.

The PEC had already been analyzed by the deputies, a vote considered a message of dissatisfaction of the parliamentarians in relation to the government. He then passed the Senate and, because it was amended, returned to a new House vote.

The two Houses agreed with the excerpts from the text that make it mandatory to execute parliamentary amendments of state and Federal District, in the amount of up to 1 percent of the Net Current Revenue (RCL) of the previous year.

It should also follow the enactment of a closed agreement between the government, Senate bench leaders and the presidents of the two Legislative Houses that establishes a staggering until that level is met – by 2020 it would be 0.8%, and 1% the following year.