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Gov’t has only four weeks to approved energy projects in Congress

In the midst of the crisis that begins to show more precise contours, the Brazilian Parliament is indifferent. His immediate concern seems to be just the October elections


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Temer administration has only four weeks or 13 legislative sessions to approve energy projects in Congress – as well as other matters of interest to the government. And in the midst of this period, there is the Corpus Christi holiday (May 31st).

The period of four weeks will until the start of the Soccer World Cup on June 14. During this period, also occur the June festivals, which make the representatives did not show up to the House.

After the Soccer World Cup, on Jul. 15th, begins the legislative recess period. And in the second half, the focus is on the election campaigns.

The accounts were being made by politicians of the governing coalition and the opposition in the corridors of the House and Senate this week.

Government leaders have shown to President Michel Temer and his closest ministers that day to approve the priority agenda are few. It was decided that efforts will be concentrated in the MPs (provisional measures) and the privatization bill Eletrobras (PL 9463/2018). The reoneração payroll (PL 8456/2018) and the new bankruptcy law (PL 10220/2018) are also among the priorities.

Regarding the MPs, eight wins in the next two weeks and still need to pass both the House and the Senate. Among them, the MP 814, which expires on June 1, and is required to unlock the process of privatization of the distribution companies of Eletrobras.

But according some parliamentarians proposed changes have created mechanisms that will impact the electric bill of consumers and made the measure a topic more controversial and difficult to approval by parliament.

Beyond the very short term, the government does not have the full support of the Rodrigo Maia and Eunício Oliveira, respectively Chairman of the House Representatives and Senate to speed up the votes.

According to Eunício they will be put to a vote in the Senate only provisional measures that come with a minimum of seven days for consideration in the House. Senate President told reporters yesterday (May 17th) does not consider any provisional measure in Congress as a priority.

So that MPs are approved in Congress before its expiry, then it is necessary that the House vote all proposals next week (from 21 to 25 May). How the votes are taking place only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it is necessary that the full House approve the eight MPs on May 22 and 23, which is virtually impossible.

There is also an aggravating factor to streamline the voting of MPs: in the last week of May there is the holiday of Corpus Christi, which can empty the Congress in the last days of validity of the measures.

The votes on the House floor are suffering strong opposition obstruction, even for projects considered less controversial. Countertops made of anti-government parties are making a “political obstruction” to the agenda of the House. The move is a protest against the arrest of former President Lula da Silva (PT). The movement has a membership PDT, PSB, and PcdoB PSOL, besides PT.

The MP 811, which deals with the oil market, for example, took three days of debates and discussions, with hours of obstruction to be approved.