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Eggs Symposium Discusses Strategies With Export Market Focus



After the egg consumption record in 2018, the poultry industry now sees new opportunities in an international market that require proteins with very different profiles. This is the central agenda of the fourth edition of Ovosite Symposium, one of the most important events of the laying sector, to be held on August 27, during the International Exhibition of Poultry and Swine in Sao Paulo (SP).

Having on the agenda the “strategies to increase Brazilian egg exports, Ovosite Symposium 2019 will feature a lecture on ” posture Poultry in Brazil: current situation and where we can get, given by international trade expert, Osler Desouzart. The presentation will be discussed by the executive secretary of the Association of Poultry and Pig Farmers of the Holy Spirit (BIRDS and ASES), Nelio Hand.

The symposium will also with a debate with businessmen from some of the largest producers and exporters of Brazil’s eggs as Leandro Pinto da Mantiqueira Farm, Gustavo Crossara, the Somai Food and Ricardo Faria, Poultry Santa Catarina, as well as participation of Leonardo Guerini, the trader Four Import Export, and Redilton Bretas, the Bretas Broker.

Following the tradition of the Symposium, Otavio Ceschi Junior, host of the Day program Rural Day, Channel Terra Viva, will be the panel mediator.

“With the strong rise in domestic consumption, Brazil egg producer in the industry around your eyes to the opportunities in the international market. The pressure that the Chinese health problems exercise in international trade of protein should not be restricted to meat. Also, they will be demanded more eggs. And Brazil must be prepared to take this opportunity, “says Ricardo Santin, executive director of ABPA and president of the Institute eggs Brazil.

The 4th Symposium Ovosite is an initiative of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) and the World Agro Publisher, responsible for Avisite and Ovosite portals.