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The New Brazil Travel Guide: Do you want to know where you can swim with beautiful fish in crystal clear waters? Or how you can safely visit the inner city favelas, and help support the people that live there at the same time? This book will help you find the most beautiful guesthouses and adventures, that also benefit the local community and environment. Welcome.

This is a new type of travel guide. A guide told in stories. Through it, you’ll discover how you can have the adventure of your life. And if you are not traveling to Brazil right now, don’t worry. The stories will entertain and encourage you to get planning and start packing!

In this book you will hear from some of the most inspiring people that live in Brazil, and what it took for them to bring their dreams to life, for you, and for their country. You’ll read about the secret places that not even a local would know. You’ll find stories of eco-tourism and social entrepreneurship from all five regions of this vast country. This book will leave you with the inspiration, tools, and resources to make your journey like no other you have ever experienced.

Your author, Richard Brownsdon, is an international award winning travel writer, blogger, and successful entrepreneur. He has travelled to more than 50 countries, runs his company on the move, and loves to share what he learns with his readers.

He writes about ecotourism, responsible travel, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise around the world. His work has been translated into several languages, and seen in major travel and international publications, including The Guardian.

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