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Bolsonaro’s Party Supports Maia’s Re-election in Exchange for Supports for Administration Agenda

Rodrigo Maia House of Representatives Speaker,

PSL president, Government Party, congressman-elect Luciano Bivar said on Wednesday that the party  including President Jair Bolsonaro  decided to support the re-election of the Chairman of the Representative Board, Rodrigo Maia, in exchange for supporting the campaign agenda of the new president in Congress and endorsing members of the party commanding strategic commissions, such as the Constitution and Justice.

We had a conversation with myself, our party leader, delegate Waldir, and he (Rodrigo Maia) and he undertook to support all the reforms we are going to face, Bivar told Reuters on a meeting he had this morning.

Packed by the Bolsonaro wave, the PSL elected 52 federal deputies in October, making it the second largest bank, behind only the PT, with 56. The caption should increase in size, since it is in contact with deputies of parties that do not have reached the so-called barrier clause for them to join.

The PSL even rehearsed a candidacy for the House’s command, but chose to back down and seek a composition in the House to create a base of support for the new president.

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According to Reuters International, Donald Trump reportedly said in his Twitter account that he had a long and good conversation with Xi Jinping and that the possibility of a trade agreement between the two countries is more likely at this time and those negotiations would be going very well.