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Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Kirchner don’t admit they were economic disasters



When in power, the former presidents of Brazil and Argentina, Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Kirchner, ruled their countries under the inspiration of populism, with administrative inefficiency and little attention to the high degree of corruption installed at all levels of their administrations.

Both of them had special admiration for Venezuela’s former president Hugo Chavez and the current one, Nicolas Maduro, responsible for that country’s economic disaster.

Last week, the two met in Buenos Aires, to moan about fate and to pose as victims. Both consider that the anti-corruption  underway in each country  have the objective of “hiding the economic disaster that is happening in the neoliberal governments of the region,” Cristina said in a Twitter message.

Brazil Monitor considers this statement an absurd lie and suggests its readers to take into consideration  economic data of the two countries during the management of the two former presidents.

Dilma was removed from office for violation of rules that justified impeachment but also for her enormous incompetence in the management of economic affairs.

Under her management Brazil entered in its worst crisis in eighty years: inflation increased from 5.9 percent to 9.3 percent; production sank along with employment levels (GDP changed from 7.53 percent increase to a 3.9 percent decline; unemployment rate went from 5.3 percent to 8.2 percent), and domestic debt increased by more than 70 percent.

In Argentina, Cristina Kirchner left to her successor an economy in free fall, high inflation and complete disorganization of public accounts.