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Dilma Rousseff accused Netflix of distorting Brazil’s political history



Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff who was impeached for breaking budget laws, and to set the Country in the worst political, social and economic crisis in its history has accused Netflix of political bias for its series “The Mechanism”.

“The series that has enthralled Brazilians describes with its dramatization the operation Car Wash, massive corruption investigation that contributed to Rousseff’s downfall and impeachment in 2016 ending 13 years of leftist rule by the Workers’ Party.

Rousseff assailed the series as a travesty of history aimed at her Workers’ Party and its founder Lula da Silva, who has been convicted of corruption for receiving a luxury seaside apartment as a bribe, and also in several other cases for corruption and money laundering.

“Under the guise of telling the story of the Car Wash investigation in a series ‘based on real events,’ the director José Padilha distorts reality and spreads all sorts of lies to attack me and President Lula,” Rousseff said in a statement.

She and her Party insisting on the argument of “Putsch” (coup d’État) against her government and denie the accusations for corruption, that however today already were established and convicted by the justice.

The director, she said, “doesn’t merely reproduce fake news. He has turned himself into a creator of fake news.”

Padilha did not manifested about the Rousseff statement and Netflix did not respond to requests for comment.