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Pressured, President of the Senate Resists Opening the Formal Investigation Against Court Supreme’s Judge



Davi Alcolumbre, President of the Senate, was advised by the Bolsonaro Administration to don’t hold the Formal Investigation Against Court Supreme’s Judge, under the justification that the issue could paralyze the agenda of the Senate and the procedure of the pension reform.

Elected with an alternative speech to the so-called “old politics” and with the help of social media, Senate President Davi Alcolumbre now opposes the “voice of networks” to bar the Investigation, whose request was filed on Tuesday (3/3), at the House with the signature of 29 senators – two more than necessary.

The government’s fear is that the Investigation will divert attention from changes in the rules for retirement, a proposal that is now in the House and is considered a priority by the economic team for the adjustment of public accounts. In addition, there is an assessment that, once installed, the Investigation may lose control over information and breaches of secrecy of ministers of the Supreme Court.

“An Investigation against the Judiciary will not do good for Brazil,” said Alcolumbre, on Monday, 18, during an interview with Roda Viva TV Cultura. On Tuesday, he came back to the subject. “My position on this CPI is in favor of Brazil. I want to make it clear that we will not accept interference from another Power, but the Country cannot create a conflict between the institutions. We are living a delicate moment in national history, in which the institutions need to be strengthened and the harmony between the Powers must prevail. ”

Davi Alcolumbre is the target of two investigations in the Supreme Court. The assessments refer to the use of false documents and cold invoices for accountability, as well as the absence of bank vouchers and the contracting of services after the date of the elections. In practice, the two cases began to be determined in the Regional Electoral Court of Amapa, where they were filed. The Attorney General’s Office, however, asked the Supreme Court to open the investigations in 2016 and 2018.

It was Senator Alessandro Vieira who filed the new application for the creation of the Investigation, with the objective of investigating what he sees as excesses committed by higher courts in judgments. The focus of the offensive, however, is even the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which in recent days has faced criticism and even swearing in social networks.

The move gained momentum after the court ruled a week ago that electoral crimes, such as corruption and money laundering, should be tried in the Electoral Court rather than the Supreme Court. The decision was considered a setback for Wash Car because, in the diagnosis of prosecutors, the electoral branch of the Judiciary does not have the structure to deal with complex crimes. Pressed, the Supreme has opened an inquiry to try to identify those responsible for the attacks.

According to Alcolumbre, a previous analysis by the Senate consultancy indicated that the request to open the Investigation does not present a specific fact that justifies the request. After meeting with the college of leaders, however, he was pressured to step back and install the commission. At the end of the day, in an attempt to buy time, the Senate president said he had never spoken out about stopping the Investigation. He also assured that he will refer the topic to the analysis of the legal area.

Asked if he fears retaliation from the Supreme Court because of the investigations he faces, he disagreed. “I do not even comment on this because it is not in debate. What is under debate is the constitutionality of the request.”

The Senate’s decision was interpreted as a way of delaying the creation of the Investigation and angered senators who supported his bid to run the House against Renan Calheiros, at the time its main opponent.

“I did not withdraw my candidacy to vote for Your Excellency and go through a moment of this,” protested PSL leader in the Senate, Major Olímpio (SP). The PSL, party of President Jair Bolsonaro, intensified the attacks to the STF, catching on the critics of internauts in the networks. “We are already passing the Country clean in the Executive and in the Legislative, that is to say, that in the Judiciary does not need?” Provoked Major Olímpio.

Author of the petition asking for the opening of the Investigation, Alessandro Vieira said that the argument that the commission would provoke an institutional crisis would not be sustained. “There is no crisis between powers,” he said. “The crisis that exists is that they are powerful beyond the reach of the law and today they are feeling threatened. To change it is necessary to investigate everything, including those who are immune