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Congress begins to analyze Provisional Measures on agreements with truckers

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Congress committees were installed to analyze provisional measures regarding the agreement to end the truckers’ strike, which occurred at the end of May.

MP 836/2018 reduces social contributions (PIS / Cofins) on diesel and zeros the Contribution of Intervention in the Economic Domain (Cide), which corresponds to R $ 0.16 of the reduction of fuel price. The MP details how it will be the meeting of accounts between Treasury and Petrobras to reduce prices by a further R $ 0.30.

MP 837/2018 creates temporary compensation for federal highway officers who worked during paid homes in the unlocking of highways during the period of the truck stoppage.

The subsidy for part of the diesel oil costs was authorized by MP 838/2018. The subsidy was R $ 0.07 per liter until June 7 and R $ 0.30 per liter between June 8 and December 31. Each producer or importer will receive the amount based on the volume of diesel sold to the distributors and a reference price, which will be regulated by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

The Congress also installed the joint commission to analyze MP 840/2018, which creates 164 commission positions of the Senior Management and Advisory Group (DAS) to meet the public security needs of the government. The positions will be allocated to the Extraordinary Ministry of Public Security, created in February by MP 821/2018, which should be voted on in the Senate soon.