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Brazilian Position On the Coexistence of Israel and Palestine Has Not Changed, Says Mourao



Acting President Mourao on Monday evaluated that the Brazilian diplomatic vision of the need for peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East region has not changed, even with Brazil’s recent rapprochement with Israel.

“I have here that once the Arab countries and the Palestinians, in particular, understand the scope of this decision, which does not change our diplomatic vision of the need for Palestinians and Israelis to have a peaceful coexistence in that region, as it has since 1947 supported Brazil”, said Mourao.


“From the moment they understand that this continues, we will have no problem,” he added.

Commenting on the fact that Palestine was considering calling the ambassador to Brazil, Ibrahim Alzeben, for consultations – a way of expressing displeasure in diplomacy – the president-in-office said that it was necessary to wait.

“Calling for consultations he goes there, talks and returns,” said Mourao, noting that this is part of the normal pressures in the situation.

Mourao explained that President Jair Bolsonaro consulted several members of the team and listened to the considerations before making a decision.

“I do not see anything too much, it’s something that has nothing to do with diplomacy. We might even consider it as an intermediate step in that initial idea of the president to change the embassy,” he argued.

Bolsonaro confirmed during his visit to Israel the intention announced last week to open a business office in Jerusalem, as opposed to the embassy’s move to the city, disputed as a capital by Palestinians and Israelis.

According to the spokesman of the Presidency, General Otavio Rego Barros, the office will not be connected to the embassy and will not be touched by diplomats.

Still, the Palestinians reacted badly and even threatened to call the ambassador for consultations. Alzeben, however, told Reuters he was not officially called and the situation is under review, depending on the outcome of the visit.