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Best Offline Casinos in the UK – What Are They?

The age of mobile phones has advanced every industry to a point where it’s nearly possible for one to finish their workday, shop, see a doctor, and even gamble without having to get off the couch. While gambling in England has a bit of a spotty history, there are numerous casinos in the UK now dotted across the country.
So, back to the point about mobile phones. If it’s possible to do anything you might need to do from your phone now, why on Earth would you need to know about old-fashioned brick-and-mortar casinos?
The answer is simple. While you may be thinking you can cook a mean burger from your cooktop, there is simply nothing like running down the Harrods to get that perfectly blended Gordon Ramsay burger. In short, the experience is why you should care about land-based casinos in the UK.
Not to mention the fact that, as flashy as mobile gambling apps are now, you’ll never have as much fun as you will at the old-fashioned casinos. 

6 Best Offline Casinos in the UK

Casino dealer laying out playing cards
Let’s go through some of the best value for money casinos in the UK to help you plan your whole day or weekend and have as much fun as you possibly can.

Aspers Stratford

The Aspers Stratford casino was the first super casino to open in the UK. Opened in 2011, the casino brought the resort-style casino to the UK. This means aisles of games and tables, restaurants and bars, and the ability to get in on the experience not only when you win but also when someone else wins.
While they have a dress code in place, you can put your MI6-issued tuxedo back in the closet.  “Smart casual” is the standing rule, so just be sure you dress like you’re going to a neighbourhood barbecue.
 Aspers has 500 seats for poker with reasonable bet minimums starting from £1 cash games.  There are even two tournaments held in the sub £50 range!  Staying with cards, blackjack tables starting at £5 offer several side bets in addition to the standard games. Last but not least, roulette tables start at £50 minimums, but they go up from there.
Now the good stuff. Aspers Stratford has four restaurant and drink sites around the main floor.  While you’re waiting for your order, there are 150 slot machines! You can play most of these slot games on the best casino sites UK as well if you prefer.  Starting at £10 bets, these are scattered all over. Pick one close to card tables seeing lots of action to play while watching the excitement.
Weekends will be the busiest, and this casino can get busy. Make sure you plan ahead because Covid-19 has stuck its nose in the business as usual. Bring your face mask and note that there are limitations to how many people can be at each table and standing at the tables to watch is also not allowed.

Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff

Les Croupiers is the oldest casino in Wales. Though it comes without a hotel, there is a Skybar offering all sports you might want to watch as well as the Dragon Court, which offers fancy, banquet-style Asian cuisine when you’re feeling peckish.
Quite a bit smaller than the mega-sized resort casinos, Les Croupiers offers visitors 28 slot machines, but the real focus is on the roulette tables and card games. Their poker room usually accommodates up to 200 players, but it is limited now to 7 players per table over 9 tables, so make sure you plan ahead if you want to get a seat.

Hippodrome London

Opened in 1900, the Hippodrome was not originally a casino. At least, not until 2012 when it was converted from a theatre to become one of the most popular casinos in London. You’ll be able to see some of that history as you’re playing one of their many electronic slots from what used to be box seats for theatre guests.
The Heliot restaurant is also an impressive offering as a 24-hour steakhouse. Don’t let the hours fool you – this is regarded as one of the best restaurants in the West End.
While the gaming offerings are impressive – spanning four separate floors – The Hippodrome also boasts a 180-seat theatre offering regular performances.

Ritz and Glitz

Allow us to throw in a few options for the more discerning individuals. These clubs are for high living, high-stakes gamblers to go out and dress up with a fancy drink in their hand.  They are truly fascinating and offer their target clientele a bit of a bonus for living it up a bit.

Park Lane Casino

It’s got “Park Lane” right in the name, so you can expect it to live up to expectations, starting with a membership fee of £1,000.  The Park Lane Casino offers a terrace lounge along with gaming tables with views of the city.
Because of the lower numbers who can call themselves members, the number of games is a bit lighter, though you’ll be in familiar company when the finely appointed roulette wheel starts spinning.

Ritz Club

Located in the wonderful Ritz Hotel is the Ritz Club. While entry is a bit steep, £1,000 buys you a lifetime membership and entry into high-stakes tables.
Notably absent are slot machines, but if you’re interested in the finer points of gambling, the price of entry pays for itself in the experience you’ll have. From the most well-appointed gaming floor to the truly professional dealers and fine dining experiences, the Ritz Club is absolutely worth the entry. Especially if you’re interested in impressing business contacts and associates.

Colouring Up

The “old fashioned” casinos in the UK are still here and they’re still essential. Just because you can place a bet from your phone doesn’t mean that you can have as much fun as you will when you drop your chips on the table and flip a genuine Blackjack.
The industry is only growing, and now that the country is opening again it’s high time you visit one of the fine casinos in the UK to remember what it’s like to be among people again.