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Brazil  is  focusing  on  a  new  cycle  of  sustainable  growth,  based  on  an  extensive  adjustment  process  and  the  adoption  of measures  to  improve  competitiveness  and  productivity.  The  launching  of  the  fifth  edition  of  the  Brazilian  Official  Guide  on  Investment Opportunities is aimed to support this new cycle of growth by identifying investment opportunities across the country.  The  guide  presents  trustworthy,  systematized  and  high  level  information  to  both  foreign  and  domestic  investors about specific projects. It provides direct contact information for each project, which fosters transparent relations between
public and private entities. Brazil  offers  a  safe  and  outstanding  investment  environment,  full  of  business  opportunities.

We want to offer our readers an image of the investment’s market  and general opportunities, both for large, medium and small investors.
For now, we present an overview of macroeconomics, but soon we will show details for small and medium investors.

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