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Brazilian Congress Launches Brazil-China Parliamentary Front



The first big sponsorship event by Brazil’s National Congress Parliamentary Front will be held on Wednesday (03) with the participation of the Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Yang Wanming, the first to be held in the House after the controversies involving the Brazilian government and China, as well as parliamentarians, leaders, authorities and businessmen from both countries.

Fausto Pinato is the spokesman of the Brazil-China Parliamentary Front who was created in 2015 with the aim of strengthening trade relations and cooperation between countries, which in 2018 negotiated more than US$ 90 billion.

“The event will be special because it celebrates China’s 10 years as Brazil’s main trade partner. We value Brazil’s diplomacy, which favors economic results in international cooperation so that agribusiness can not only maintain but increase the volume and the currency of the sector’s exports, “said the deputy, who is also chairman of the Agriculture Committee. House.

From Mato Grosso do Sul, a commission made up of representatives of institutions and businessmen will go to Brasilia to participate in the event, which began at 10 am in the Nereu Ramos Auditorium.

“Brazil and China have maintained a very strong commercial relationship and are destined to grow even more. Brazil, and here it is worth mentioning Mato Grosso do Sul, has the production capacity to meet part of the Chinese demand for grains and seeds. In addition, there are indications of increasing investments in Chinese industries in Brazil and our state is ready to be a destination, “says Guto Dobes, CEO of LIDE MS, the group that heads the visit to Brasilia.


Following the activities, LIDE MS will hold, on April 23, the Brazil-China Lunch-Debate in Campo Grande, which will bring together important entrepreneurs and public authorities from one of the world’s largest economic powers to discuss issues of national relevance economic development, ethics, and management. The presence of Federal Representative Fausto Pinato, as well as the Consul and Chinese Ambassadors, have already been confirmed.


LIDE is a private organization that brings together entrepreneurs in various countries, with the aim of strengthening free enterprise of economic and social development. Through lectures, seminars, and meetings, it promotes the promotion of industry and commerce, and sensitizes the business community to the importance of its role in the construction of an ethical society, developed and conscious. The group is already present in several states of Brazil, bringing together 1700 businessmen, who represent 63% of the national GDP, and 13 other countries, among them the United States, Chile, and Portugal.