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Brazil only have eyes for the Soccer World Cup



The soccer World Cup mobilizes the majority of the Brazilian population. The country is experiencing a moment of collective excitement. All eyes are on Russia, where the biggest sporting event in the world is played. The media emphasizes the grandeur of the show, dedicating, practically, all its informative capacity to the aspects of the championship.

FIFA is emerging from the ashes after the tournament in Brazil in 2014, when its top officials were involved in acts of corruption. Corruption, in the high command of the entity, was sponsored by the corrupt government that directed Brazil that year.

In June 2015 the scandal that hit FIFA overthrows Joseph Blatter, president of the organization. He tried to seek support from other leaders to stay in office, but the Football Association (FA) from UK, called for a 2018 World Cup boycott if Blatter remained in office. Also major sponsors, such as the oil company Castrol, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Visa and Continental tire manufacturer threatened to withdraw their sponsorships. Other leaders, investigated by the FBI, were arrested and convicted in the United States.

Moscow is the new showcase for the football organization, whose budget exceeds that of the United Nations. Putin benefits from the event, which strengthens its power after the recent electoral victory questioned internally and externally, for misuse of power and election-rigging.

In Brazil, the FIFA World Cup serves as a smokescreen for justice, administration and parliament to engage in anti-popular maneuvers that would cause great repercussions if made in another period.

The Temer government seized the moment to allow an increase in already extortionate health plans. The price readjustment of individual and family health plans can reach up to 10% of the value. This measure reaches mainly the middle class.

The Judiciary has chosen the occasion to free Jose Dirceu, the second leader of the workers’ party, who has already been convicted in a second instance. This measure opens up new hope for the release of former President Lula, convicted and imprisoned for corruption, also in second instance. The World Cup is a golden occasion for all the unpopular measures that could never have happened if the population were not completely mesmerized by the football spectacle.