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Brazil, country of the absurd narratives



The Landless Workers Movement (MST) is a subsidiary organization of the Workers Party (PT). Like the Workers Trade Union (CUT) and the Students’ Union of Brazil (UNE), it is part of the support base of former President Lula da Silva and the impeched President Dilma Rousseff.

During the respective governments of Lula and Dilma these organizations thrived thanks to the public money that had been generously poured into their boxes. Much was said about how money was spent on parties, luxury travel, imported cars, etc.

Brazil got rid of the governments of the Workers’ Party that left 13 million Brazilians unemployed, broke public companies and left invaluable debts. President Temer of the PMDB party was one of the main allies of the PT government. However, he took office when Dilma Rousseff was removed from the presidency by Congress.

Now, if the MST does not receive more donations from the government, who will pay the lodging expenses of its members in 5-star hotels? We need to know where the money goes. People say that in the month of January Mr. Lula will be tried and probably condemned for corruption

It is likely that the movements that supported his government and benefited fraudulently from the public money, will make demonstrations against the judicial decision in case Lula is convicted. They promise to inflame the country.

For this they hold meetings to discuss their “revolutionary” strategies. But these meetings take place in 5-star hotels. Who will be paying for the bills?