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Brazil and China Reaffirm Cooperation to Expand Agribusiness Exports Agenda



The Chinese were receptive to the proposals presented by Brazil to open up the market for protein, fruits, grains, and dairy products, said Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Minister (Map), Tereza Cristina, the last day of the Asian mission in China.

“It was very good, we leave here carrying in the luggage the interest of the Chinese in Brazilian products, not only in animal proteins, which today are a great opportunity for the country,” she said.

The Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA) is the Brazilian delegation that accompanies Tereza Cristina in the mission. According to the director of International Relations of the entity, Gedeao Pereira, “the minister was very clear and at the moment leaves us very optimistic about the future because China needs Brazil to get up and Brazil needs China to sell its products.”

On Thursday (16), Minister Tereza Cristina met with Minister Ni Yuefeng of the General Administration of Customs of China, where deadlines were established for the analysis of the forms submitted by Brazil to enable the 78 refrigeration plants that intend to export beef, swine, and poultry to the Chinese.

“We have many more people in Brazil who can qualify and want to participate in this market that is so anxious there today, needing protein to lower the price in the country. Finally, to fill this vacuum of the market that will get the problem of African swine fever,” said Tereza Cristina.

In addition to the proteins, the Chinese became interested in soybean meal and planned to make an inspection visit to Brazil in the second semester. “Everything has been put on the table, and it will take time to happen. I leave here in the hope that these decisions and the good results will come now over the next two to three months,” said the minister.

For the vice president of the CNA, Muni Lourenço, the Confederation fulfilled its role by representing Brazilian rural producers on the mission and closely monitoring the negotiations on behalf of the private sector.

“We have made important progress together with the Chinese government so that we have predictability and security for the Brazilian entrepreneur with a view to the Chinese market. China is a major world economic power and the largest partner of Brazilian agribusiness. ”

The mission goes to Vietnam and then to Indonesia, with agendas in the Ministry of Agriculture of the two countries, and returns to Brazil on Monday (20) at night.