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Bolsonaro to Strengthen Government Digital Communication in Networks

General Mourao believes that the design of communication in the Bolsonaro government will be different from the one currently used


Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), elected president of the Republic with a campaign carried out mainly in social networks, wants to maintain the strategy and make them the main communication instrument of his government, starting January 1, when he takes over the Planalto Palace.

Last Wednesday (7) at the request of Bolsonaro, the vice-president-elect, general of the reserve Hamilton Mourão (PRTB), was in the publicity agency Isobar, one of two that take care of the social media of the government Michel Temer.

The focus is on enhancing digital communication, which is the Bolsonaro media, which is Trump’s media (President of the United States Donald Trump), said General Mourao.

For him, that old process of communication, via spots, traditional advertisements, will be abandoned. Digital media is the fundamental method for us to communicate, much more than these other advertisements that spend money streams, he added.

The mission of Mourao was to visit the company to take to Bolsonaro information on the functioning of the agencies that take care of the digital communication of the current administration and how the future government can take advantage of them. There is a current contract of R $45 million per year, which ends in March, but can be extended for another year. I advocate the intensive use of social media as the most effective way of communicating with society. Communication from the modern world today is networked, said the vice president-elect.

Mourão did not want to anticipate the possibility of extending the contract, claiming that this is “a management issue”. My vision is that the work (of the company) is very good, but everything needs to be taken to President Bolsonaro. In addition to the Isobar, visited by Mourao, the advertising agency TV1, also does the work of digital media Temer government.

Bidding that approved the two companies was still held under the government of Dilma Rousseff in 2015 and could be extended for up to five years. Members of the PSL, Bolsonaro party, advocate that the government expand the presence on the Internet and give preference to this type of communication. For them, this is the most efficient and inexpensive way to reach the population.

General Mourao believes that the communication design in the Bolsonaro government will be different from the one currently used, but it did not anticipate format or who will be ahead of the sector in the Planalto. It is decided, however, that the area will not have ministry status, as it did in past administrations.

Currently, Secom (Secretary of Communication) has about 20 people working directly with the digital area of the Temer government, in addition to the actions and campaigns developed by contracted companies. Secom is currently attached to the General Secretariat of the Presidency.