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Bolsonaro Accepts Invitation To Visit China This Year

President Bolsonaro and China’s new ambassador, Yang Wanming, Photo by Antonio Cruz – Agencia Brasil

President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed today, Mar. 8th, that he will make a trip to China later this year. The official invitation was made by the new Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Yang Wanming, during a ceremony at the Planalto Palace, to hand over his credentials to officially represent the country in Brazil.

According to Bolsonaro, the trip to China should take place in the second half, since other trips to the United States, Chile and Israel are confirmed. We want to get closer to the whole world, expand our business, our borders and this was the guideline given to all ministers, said the president.

China’s new ambassador to Brazil, Yang Wanming, said on Friday that President Jair Bolsonaro had accepted an invitation from Chinese President Xi Jinping to pay a visit to China later this year hopes to expand the trade partnership between the two countries.

Leaving the ceremony, the Chinese ambassador also confirmed that President Xi Jinping will come to Brazil for the 10th BRICS Summit, which brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The meeting has no confirmed date to take place.

Wanming said that Brazil and China are entering a new stage of bilateral relations and have interests in expanding and strengthening their cooperation. Brazil is one of the main and most important partners in China in the political, economic and commercial sense, so the reforms and changes in Brazil’s political and economic institutions will bring more business opportunities to China.

The new Chinese ambassador was one of six ambassadors who handed over the credentials to the Brazilian government in a ceremony at the Administration Office, Planalto Palace, this morning.