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Battisti the bullshiter, Brazilians ashamed


by Pedro Luiz Rodrigues

Brazil has historically been a country where the rich and the powerful  had impunity assured. But things are changing, and most of Brazilians give full support to prosecutors and judges who lost the fear to prosecute and convict whoever breaks the law.

That’s why the stay in Brazil of Cesare Battisti, a convicted criminal, ashames us all.  Decent people do not feel confortable protecting convicted criminals. Decent people do not like presidents or parties unethically abuse their power to block an extradition verdict  taken by the Supreme Court.

Cesare Battisti again tries to get sympathies in Brazil. Once a daring guerrilla, with four deaths is his curriculum, he now portrays himself as a good person being unfairly treated by everybody in Brazil and in Italy. American slang is very expressive in defining what Battisti is doing and saying: bullshit.

In a recent interview he gave to O Estado de Sao Paulo, Battisti spent much of his time whining, moaning against the wheels of the fortune that is about to take him (that’s what decente Brazilians hope), to take him back to Italy, where a life sentence awaits him.

The granting of refugee status to a convicted murderer was one of the biggest affronts the Workers’ Party made to Brazilian society. Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is convicted for corruption (but still free, awaiting a second trial), knowing he  was doing the wrong thing,  waited up to the last day of his second term to sign the shameful decree.

For those who forgot: Battisti fled France when that country was preparing to extradite him to Italy in 2007. He came to Brazil, where he expected a warm welcome from his admirers, in the Workers’ Party and other leftist parties. But he did not have time to enjoy the tropical paradise and was soon arrested.

His case was so plainly clear that two years later the Federal Supreme Court accepted Italy’s request for Battisti’s extradition.

But  Workers’ Party leaders, maybe nostalgic of their own armed struggl past,  neve saw Battisti as murderer, but as a hero  struggling  against the machinations of the malevolent bourgeoisie.

As a presidential decree would be necessary to enforce  Battisti’s extradition, Lula were two years under pressure from PT’s tiny ideological wing not to sign it. But Lula would make the decision on the last day of his term (December 31, 2010), not signing the extradition, but granting asylum to the murderous fugitive.

The Partido dos Trabalhadores (Workers’ Party)  ideologues – whose bible is the writings of Marx and Engels, which they read in adolescence, – consider democratic order and institution illegitimate. Justice in particular are for them  nothing else  a tool designed to defend the  bourgeoisie’s interests.

In an  recente interview  to O Estado de Sao Paulo, Battisti attacked the Italian judicial system and declared that his extradition to Italy would be the same as convicting him to death.

That is a very interesting statement, when we remember that some years ago Henrique Pizzolato, a member of the Workers’ Party elite after being  convicted fpr conspiracy, embezzlement and money laundering, fled Brazil. When  arrested by the carabinieri and put in jail, he  did everything to avoid be sent back to Brazil.

As for the violence he committed in Italy, Battisti  told the newspaper that it was “things of youth.

We in Brazil know how left-wingers react when caught in wrongdoings by law enforcers.  The assure they are innocent,  angels not to be blame for anything, and they think that popular support will put them out. Typical behavior of many indicted Workers’ Party member and convicted former president Lula.