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Anatel Approves Frequencies That Will Be Used for 5G in Brazil

Next step is to define rapporteur forbidding notice of the frequencies; selected bands were 2h.3GHz and 3.5GHz




The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) decided on the destination and regulation on the use of the 2.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands. They will be used for the fifth generation mobile internet, the 5G.

According to Anatel, the 2.3 GHz band is an important one for alignment with global IMT (International Mobile Telecommunications) systems, while the 3.5 GHz band is considered by many to be the gateway for the ultra-high speed networks of the fifth generation of telephony.

“The approval of these two matters is an important step for the bidding process in which we have worked so that the national interest is taken into account,” Anatel president Leonardo de Morais said in a statement.

The next step is to determine a rapporteur for the call for tenders that will be open for the network auction next year. Then the announcement will go to public consultation.

According to Anatel, the allocation of frequencies took into account blocks, arrangements, geographical distribution, and compensations to be demanded from the winners of the future bidding, until possible preventive and corrective measures to mitigate any harmful interference between the radio communication systems.