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ABPA: partial resumption of production of poultry, eggs and pork across the country



The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) has reported in a statement today out that, until 17 PM, companies in the sector partial resumption of and gradual activity of 46 production units of poultry, eggs and pork across the country.

Yesterday, after nine days of downtime, ABPA followed the records of deaths of birds from the impediment of transport inputs. At the same time, certain groups have become increasingly aggressive. An example is the firing of two trucks feed the BR 101, near the entrance of the city of Muritiba, Bahia.

With the military police action and army, much of the food supply was resumed in several production centers.

Some sticking points remain, preventing the transit of reefer cargo and feed. They are still aggressive situations reported by protesters against the truck drivers who want to leave the points of standstill.

Anyway, there is confidence that, soon, loads of birds, feed and refrigerated trucks able to move normally.

The inconsistency of the acts in the poles will have direct impact on consumer purchasing power. With lower supply of products, but with the same tax burden, even operating costs and possible rise in raw materials for industrial production, will be more expensive to produce. It is estimated that the costs to process normal recovery should be 30% higher than previously practiced.

The 167 refrigeration units that reported dead standstill followed along this Tuesday. Of these units should gradually resume production from tomorrow. With the suspended exports about 135 tons of meat poultry and pork are no longer shipped since the strike began.